454FACTORY training takes place on a historic piece of land, once named "Ivy Hill" long before the Civil War in 1790. In a predominately flat region, Ivy Hill is a unique pine farm with fantastic elevation, providing national caliber track conditions and technicality. With our tracks just completed by 402MX on the historic land, it was only right to name our private club "Ivy Hill." 


IVY HILL is an exclusive club for riders looking for a quality training resource in the Mid-Atlantic area. We are not a full-time training facility, but rather a local outlet for riders who need something serious while living a normal life at home. The mission is to give riders an outlet for group training, private training, and a place you can come and train yourself.


2017 CLUB TERM : July 8th - Dec 2nd


2 group training days per month 

Group training days are essential for our riders to push each other during training. 2 training days are held every month on weekend days for our members. Training days are not intended to conflict with local race schedules.


Track Access & Hourly Private training

Our facility is absolutely private and closed to the public. Our members will have access to ride every Wednesday. Along with free-riding access, riders have the ability to schedule private training as short as 1 hour so riders can do a little bit of both! 


50% off private training & EASY GROUP SCHEDULING

It's important riders are getting all aspects of training, especially individual training. All members receive exclusive private and semi-private training at extremely low rates. Members have the option to schedule on Tuesdays, Wednesdays (1-3 hours long), and Thursday every single week. Each member can also join a single, interactive calendar to schedule when other people are scheduling!

1 rider - $130 (Original $250)

2 Riders - $80 (Original $160)

3 Riders + - $70 (Original $150)



Throughout the IVYHILL program we alternate days on our tracks for variation and improved training conditions.


Rider support

 All IVY HILL Members are eligible for 50% off pricing from the following 454FACTORY sponsors: 


who we take for ivy hill

Each rider interested in the club is required to submit a resume. Include your results, your goals, current training regimen, racing plans for 2017, and why we should pick you. Our club has a cap of 12 riders so we are looking for the determined racer and nothing less. 



The Ivy Hill club consists of 2 highly technical tracks that require some prerequisites to join due to safety reasons. If you don't see your class here but think you may still be a fit please contact us. If your class requires top 5 finishes it must be out of a 10-15 rider roster. Riders eligible: 

  • 50cc A
  • 65cc A
  • 85-SM A
  • 125-450 B/A/PRO
  • 65 B - Top 5 Finishes
  • 85 B - Top 5 Finishes
  • 125-450 C - Top 5 Finishes

Contact us here and we'll be in touch with you!

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